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Vehicle Tracking Services

Our Auto Trackers enables you to always know where your vehicles, fleets, boat, vessels are and are easy to install to any car, truck, vessel, heavy vehicle etc. It can be installed fully hidden and powered from vehicle’s battery.
Our Tracking Devices have special versions for each country using local language and local TLD landmarks.

There are no monthly or annual fees; the user only pays the normal price of the SMS messages sent.

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  • Check location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere with text messages (SMS)
  • Shut Down Engine via SMS, Ignition Sensing and Other IO features
  • Receive useful reports such as speed, trip or zone crossings
  • Use local language commands on any mobile phone, Android tablet or PC
  • No monthly fees, location information with local GPS powered TLD landmarks
  • Microphone for in-vehicle Listening
  • In-built back-up battery and motion sensor
  • Smart Phone Software
  • PC Software for fleet owners
  • Full Privacy - No 3rd Party Server is Required
  • Works with any mobile phone, Android tablet or PC
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Total Reliability
  • 24/7 Support by Phone, Email & Skype

“Your vehicles are important to us and we are committed to quality. All Tracking Products have 24 months International Warranty.”

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