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E-Learning Solution

E-Learning Solutions

Intelitsystems is a full-service eLearning and Multimedia service provider. Our expert eLearning consultants have several years of experience in delivering eLearning solutions to businesses, education  and government agencies. We are experienced in all aspects of eLearning development from.

•    project management,
•    planning the training curriculum,
•    instructional and user centered design,
•    information architecture,
•    visual design and interactivity,
•    web programming,
•    testing (functional and user acceptance testing),
•    delivery and LMS integration,
•    maintenance, and reporting.

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eLearning Service Offerings
  1. Instructional Design:
    All of our Instructional Designers have extensive experience in analysing and developing learning strategy tailored to your specific organisational and business needs.
    We are very results oriented and can leverage our diverse multimedia capability to deliver highly engaging and effective eLearning and mLearning solutions.
  2. Rapid eLearning Development:
    Intelitsystems  Multimedia has content specialists, graphic designers and developers who are experienced in developing rapid eLearning using industry standard applications such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, Lectora, Camtasia and many others.
    We can also develop custom rapid eLearning tools and framework tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs using variety of CMS, LMS and open-source web technologies.
  3. High degree of interactivity
    As a full serviced multimedia agency, we have the skills, experiences, tools and resources to integrate various digital media products into your eLearning solutions, including:
    •    Illustrations and graphic editing
    •    2D and 3D animation
    •    audio and video production
    •    game development
    •    web development
    •    mobile app development
    •    web marketing and social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube, wiki and many others.
  4. LMS Integration:
    Intelitsystems can develop SCORM-based eLearning solutions to be integrated into Learning Management Systems.
    We can also advise and assist you in choosing and deploying a new LMS solutions.
    Intelitsystems  has worked with the following LMS;- Moodle, SAP, Janison, Knowledge Presenter and Pulse.
  5. Mobile Learning (M-learning):
    All eLearning solutions by Intelitsystems can be optimised to be viewable from web-capable mobile devices (smartphones) such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
    We can utilise QR codes, SMS services and notification systems to provide on-demand eLearning.
  6. Social Media Deployment:
    Intelitsystems can leverage the power of Social Media such as facebook, youtube, twitter, wiki, forums and internal community to ensure that your eLearning solutions are engaging and effective.
Benefits Of E-Learning
  1. Always  Available:
    Your eLearning programs will be available 24/7.
    Students will be able to take their courses or certification classes any time of day or night from their iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Smartphone, or just about any other web-enabled device.
    When the course is over, the materials are still available to your students for later review.
  2. Cost Effective:
     eLearning eliminates the need for printed materials, classroom space, catered lunches and the dozens of other add on costs that make traditional training so expensive.
    eLearning eliminates the need for sending trainers out in the field where they will have to stay in hotels, rent cars, and dine on the expense account that YOU have to provide.
  3. Compliance Management:
    If yours is one of the many industries that are literally drowning in compliance regulations, IntelitSystems eLearning can help.
    Our team of experts will help create and deliver eLearning courses that will prepare your employees for their certification exams.
  4. Employee Growth:
    When you offer training to your employees, you are showing them that you care enough about their future to make an investment in their personal growth.
    Training not only provides an immediate benefit to your company through a more knowledgeable staff – it also lays a foundation of long term growth thanks to increased employee loyalty.
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